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Mike’s Professional Pool Table Moving, Refelting, Restoration, Installation, Recushion, Setup, Repair, Shipping and Crating service area (See Service Area) includes all of the following - 55 - Florida Counties. Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Brevard, Broward, Charlotte, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Columbia, Dade, De Soto, Dixie, Duval, Flagler, Gadsden, Gilchrist, Glades, Hamilton, Hardee, Hendry, Hernando, Highlands, Hillsborough, Indian River, Jefferson, Lafayette, Lake, Lee, Leon, Levy, Madison, Manatee, Marion, Martin, Monroe, Nassau, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Putnam, St. Johns, St. Lucie, Sarasota, Seminole, Sumter, Suwannee, Taylor, Union, Volusia and Wakulla County.

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If your Business is located in the State of Florida Mike's Billiard Supplies - Amusement and Vending Division can provide State of the Art Equipment such as Coin Operated Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, Touchscreens, Arcade Video Games, Sports Games Golf, Bowling, Toy Crane and Skill Machines, Dart and Boxing Machines, Shooting Games Driving Games. We share the profit, you don't need to invest a dime. These are great entertainment for your customers may it be a Bar, Pool Room, Nightclub, Game Room, Restaurant or other similar Establishments. Your Customer will stay longer and come back more often.

Mike has been installing and servicing coin operated pool tables in an around Florida for more than 15 years. To check prices on our services just click the links on the below. Then just email us for our professional service.

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The Florida City/County Register

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Just to name a few of the Cities and Towns that show up every week on Mike’s pool table moving, recover, cushion replacement, removal, setup, installation, crating, shipping or repair service call list.

Aberdeen, Achan, Acline, Adams, Adamsville, Agricola, Alachua, FL, Alamana, FL, Alcoma, FL, Alderene Park, FL, Alderman, FL, Alexander Springs, FL, Allandale, FL, Allenhurst, FL, Aloma, FL, Alpine, FL, Alma, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL, Alton, FL, Altoona, FL, Alturas, FL, Alva, FL, Amelia City, FL, American Beach, FL, Anastasia, FL, Anclote, FL, Andalusia, FL, Andrews, FL, Andytown, FL, Angel City, FL, Ankona, FL, Anna Maria, FL, Anona, FL, Anthony, FL, Apollo Beach, FL, Apopka, FL, Aqui Esta, FL, Araquey, FL, Arcadia, FL, Archbold, FL, Archer, FL, Ariel, FL, Aripeka, FL, Arlington, Arlington Park, Armstrong, Arran, Arredondo, Arundel, Asbury Lake, Ashmore, FL, Ashton, FL, Ashville, FL, Astatula, FL, Astor, FL, Astor Farms, FL, Astor Park, FL, Athena, FL, Atlantic Beach, FL, Atlantis, FL, Auburndale, FL, Aucilla, FL, Audubon, FL, Aurantia, FL, Aurora, FL, Avoca, FL, Avon Park, FL, Avon Park Lakes, FL, Ayers, FL, Azalea Park, FL, Babson Park, FL, Bailey, FL, Baird, FL, Bairs Den, FL, Bakers Mill, FL, Bakersville, FL, Ballard Pines, FL, Ballentine Manor, FL, Bamboo, FL, Barber Quarters, FL, Barberville, FL, Bardin, FL, Bartow, FL, Barwal, FL, Basinger, FL, Baskin, FL, Bass, FL, Bassville, FL, Bassville Park, FL, Basswood Estates, FL, Baum, FL, Bay Harbor, FL, Bay Hill, FL, Bay Lake, FL, Bay Pines, FL, Bayonet Point, FL, Bayshore, FL, Bayshore Gardens, FL, Bayshore Manor, FL, Baxter, FL, Bayport, FL, Bay Ridge, FL, Baywood, FL, Bayview, FL, Beachville, FL, Beacon Lakes, FL, Beacon Square, FL, Bean City, FL, Bear Hollow, FL, Becker, FL, Beck Hammock, FL, Beckhamtown, FL, Bee Ridge, FL, Beetree Ford, FL, Bel-Air, FL, Belair, FL, Bell, FL, Bellair, FL, Belleair, FL, Belleair Beach, FL, Belleair Bluffs, FL, Belle Isle, FL, Belle Meade, FL, Belleview, FL, Belleview Heights, FL, Bellville, FL, Bellwood, FL, Bellwood Estates, FL, Bel Marra, FL, Belle Glade, FL, Belle Glade Camp, FL, Belmore, FL, Belvedere Homes, FL, Benbow, FL, Benson Junction, FL, Benton, FL, Beresford, FL, Berkeley, FL, Bermont, FL, Bessemer, FL, Bessent, FL, Bereah, FL, Berry, FL, Bertha, FL, Bethel, FL, Bethany, FL, Bethune Beach, FL, Beulah, FL, Beverley Terrace, FL, Beverly Beach, FL, Beverly Hills, FL, Beville Heights, FL, Bevilles Corner, FL, Big Cypress Indian Reservation, FL, Biggar, FL, Bimini, FL, Birch Ocean Front, FL, Bithlo, FL, Black Creek, FL, Black Diamond, FL, Black Point, FL, Blacks Ford, FL, Blacks Still, FL, Bland, FL, Blanton, FL, Blitchton, FL, Blocker, FL, Bluffton, FL, Bookertown, FL, Bloomingdale, FL, Blowing Rocks, FL, Bloxham, FL, Bluefield, FL, Blue Inlet, FL, Blue Lakes Ridge, FL, Blue Springs, FL, Blue Springs Landing, FL, Boardman, FL, Boca Ciega, FL, Boca Del Mar, FL, Boca Grande, FL, Boca Harbour, FL, Boca Pointe, FL, Boca Raton, FL, Boca West, FL, Bokeelia, FL, Bonaventure, FL, Bonita Shores, FL, Bonita Springs, FL, Bonnie, FL, Bonnie Loch, FL, Bon Terra, FL, Bostwick, FL, Boulevard Gardens, FL, Boulogne, FL, Bowling Green, FL, Boyd, FL, Boynton Beach, FL, Braden Castle, FL, Bradenton, FL, Bradenton Beach, FL, Bradfordville, FL, Bradley Junction, FL, Branchborough, FL, Branchville, FL, Brandon, FL, Branford, FL, Breezeswept Park Estates, FL, Brentwood Estates, FL, Brewster, FL, Bridgeport, FL, Bridges, FL, Bridle Path Acres, FL, Brighton, FL, Brighton Indian Reservation, FL, Briny Breezes, FL, Broadview, FL, Broadview Park, FL, Bronson, FL, Brooker, FL, Brookridge, FL, Brookside, FL, Brooksville, FL, Broward Estates, FL, Broward Gardens, FL, Broward Highlands, FL, Browardale, FL, Browns Still, FL, Brownville, FL, Bruceville, FL, Bryant, FL, Bryceville, FL, Bucell Junction, FL, Buchanan, FL, Buckhead Ridge, FL, Buckhorn, FL, Buckingham, FL, Buckingham West, FL, Buckville, FL, Buda, FL, Buena Ventura Lakes, FL, Buena Vista, FL, Buffalo Bluff, FL, Bunnell, FL, Burbank, FL, Burnt Store Marina, FL, Burnetts Lake, FL, Bushnell, FL, Butler Beach, FL, Byard, FL, Cabbage Grove, FL, Cadillac, FL, Callahan, FL, Cameron City, FL, Campbell, FL, Camp Echockotee, FL, Camp Ocala, FL, Camps, FL, Camps Still, FL, Camp Roosevelt, FL, Campville, FL, Cana, FL, Canaan, FL, Canal Point, FL, Candler, FL. Canova Beach, FL, Cape Canaveral, FL. Cape Coral, FL. Cape Haze, FL, Capitola, FL, Capps, FL, Captiva, FL, Carbur, FL, Cardwell, FL, Caribbean Key, FL, Carlson, FL, Carlton, FL, Carlton Village, FL, Carnestown, FL, Carraway, FL, Carrollwood, FL, Carrollwood Village, FL, Carters Corner, FL, Carver Heights, FL, Carver Rances, FL, Carver Village, FL, Casa Blanco, FL, Casa Cola, FL, Cassadaga, FL, Casselberry, FL, Cassia, FL, Castle Hill, FL, Catawba, FL, Cedar Creek, FL, Cedar Hammock, FL, Cedar Key, FL, Celebration, FL, Center Hill, FL, Centerville, FL, Century Village, FL, Chain O’ Lakes, FL, Chaires, FL, Chancey, FL, Chantilly Acres, FL, Chapel Hill, FL, Charleston Park, FL, Charlotte Harbor, FL, Charlotte Park, FL, Chassahowitzka, FL, Chatmire, FL, Chattahoochee, FL, Cherry Lake, FL, Chester, FL, Chiefland, FL, Childs,FL, Chokoloskee, FL, Christmas, FL, Chula Vista Isles, FL, Chuluota, FL, Cisky Park, FL, Citra, FL, Citronelle, FL, Citrus Center, FL, Citrus Hills, FL, Citrus Park, FL, Citrus Ridge, FL, Citrus Springs, FL, City Point, FL, Clara, FL, Clarcona, FL, Clark, FL, Clay Island, FL, Clayno, FL, Clay Sink, FL, Clearwater, FL, Clearwater Beach, FL, Clermont, FL, Cleveland, FL, Clewiston, FL, Cliftonville, FL, Clinton Heights, FL, Cloud Lake, FL, Coachman, FL, Cocoa, FL, Cocoa Beach, FL, Coconut, FL, Coconut Creek, FL, Coconut Creek Park, FL, Cody, FL, Codys Corner, FL, Coker, FL, Coleman, FL, College Park, FL, Collier Park, FL, Collins Park Estates, FL, Columbia, FL, Combee Settlement, FL, Conant, FL, Concord, FL, Confer, FL, Conner, FL, Connersville, FL, Conrad, FL, Conrock, FL, Conway, FL, Cooglers Beach, FL, Cooks Hammock, FL, Cooper City, FL, Copeland, FL, Copeland Settlement, FL, Coquina Gables, FL, Coral Estates, FL, Coral Gardens, FL, Coral Heights, FL, Coral Hills, FL, Coral Manor, FL, Coral Ridge Isles, FL, Coral Springs, FL, Coral Woods, FL, Corkscrew, FL, Cornwell, FL, Cortez, FL, Country Club Isles, FL, Country Club Trail, FL, Country Estates, FL, County Club Acres, FL, Courtenay, FL, Cow Creek, FL, Crackertown, FL, Craggs, FL, Crandall, FL, Crawford, FL, Crawfordville, FL, Creighton, FL, Crescent Beach, FL, Crescent City, FL, Crescent City Station, FL, Crewsville, FL, Crooked Lake Park, FL, Croom, FL, Cross Bayou, FL, Cross City, FL, Cross Creek, FL, Crossley, FL, Crown Point, FL, Crows Bluff, FL, Crystal Beach, FL, Crystal Lake, FL, Crystal River, FL, Crystal Springs, FL; Cubitis, FL, Cummings, FL, Cumpressco, FL, Cunningham Estates, FL, Curlew, FL, Curtis, FL, Curtis Mill, FL, Cutlers, FL, Cypress Creek, FL, Cypress Gardens, FL, Cypress Harbor, FL, Cypress Isles Estates, FL, Cypress Lake, FL, Cypress Lake Estates, FL, Cypress Lakes, FL, Cypress Point, FL, Cypress Quarters, FL, Dade City, FL, Dahlberg, FL, Dahoma, FL, Dalhousie Acres, FL, Daisy Lake, FL, Dallas, FL, Dania Beach, FL, Danks Corner, FL, Danville, FL, Darby, FL, Darsey, FL, Davenport, FL, Davie, FL, Davis Shores, FL, Day, FL, Daysville, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, Daytona Beach Shores, FL, Daytona Highridge Estates, FL, Daytona Park Estates, FL, Deanville, FL, DeBary, FL, Deem City, FL, Deep Creek, FL, Deerfield Beach, FL, Deer Park, FL, Dekle Beach, FL, DeLand, FL, DeLand Highlands, FL, De Leon, FL, De Leon Springs, FL, De Leon Springs Heights, FL, Delespine, FL, Dell, FL, Delray Beach, FL, Delray Gardens, FL, Delray Shores,FL, Del Rio, FL, Delta, FL, Deltona, FL, Dellwood, FL, Denaud, FL, Dennet, FL, Denver, FL, De Soto City, FL, De Soto Lakes, FL, Dickert, FL, Dills, FL, Dixie, FL, Dixie Ranch Acres, FL, Doctors Inlet, FL, Doctor Phillips, FL, Dogtown, FL, Dona Vista, FL, Douglas City, FL, Dover, FL, Dowling Park, FL, Dreamworld, FL, Drexel, FL, Drifton, FL, Driftwood Acres, FL, Duette, FL, Dukes, FL, Dummit Grove, FL, Dundee, FL, Dunedin, FL, Dunedin Isles, FL, Dunes Road, FL, Dunnellon, FL, Dupont, FL, Dupont Center, FL, Durbin, FL, Dupree Gardens, FL, Durant Estates, FL, Dyal, FL, Eagle Island, FL, Eagle Lake, FL, Earleton, FL, Early Bird, FL, Eastgate, FL, East Gate Park, FL, East Lake, FL, East Lake - Orient Park, FL, East Lake Weir, FL, East Mullberry, FL, East Naples, FL, East Palatka, FL, Eastwood, FL, Eaton Park, FL, Eatonville, FL, Eau Gallie, Ebb, FL, Eddy, FL, Eden, Edgar, FL, Edgeville, FL, Edgewater, FL, Edgewater Junction, FL, Edgewood, FL, Egypt Lake, FL, Ehren, FL, Elder Springs, FL, El Destinado, FL, Eldora, FL, Eldred, FL, Eldridge, FL, Electra, FL, Elfers, FL, El Jobean, FL, Elkton, FL, Ellaville, FL, Ellenton, FL, Ellerbee, FL, Ellerslie, FL, Ellinor Ville, FL, Ellisville, FL, Ellsworth Junction, FL, Ellzey, FL, Eloise, FL, Eloise Woods, FL, Elwood, FL, Elwood Park, FL, Emporia, FL, Englewood, FL, Enterprise, FL, Eridu, FL, Espanola, FL, Estero, FL, Ethel, FL, Eugene, FL, Eureka, FL, Eustis, FL, Eva, FL, Evergreen, FL, Everglades City, FL, Evinston, FL, Ewell, FL, Facil, FL, Fairbanks, FL, Fairfield, FL, Fairgate, FL, Fairlane Estates, FL, Fairlawn, FL, Fairview, FL, Fairview Shores, FL, Fairvilla, FL, Fakahatchee, FL, Falmouth, FL, Fanlew, FL, Fanning Springs, FL, Farmton, FL, Fatio, FL, Favoretta, FL, Feather Sound, FL, Federal Point, FL, Fedhaven, FL, Felda, FL, Fellowship, FL, Fellowship Park, FL, Fellsmere, FL, Felkel, FL, Fenholloway, FL, Fernandina Beach, FL, Fern Crest Village, FL, Ferndale, FL, Fern Park, FL, Festus, FL, Fibral City, FL, Fincher, FL, Fish Creek, FL, Fish Hawk, FL, Five Points, FL, Flagler Beach, FL, Flamingo, FL, Flamingo Bay, FL, Flamingo Village, FL, Flemington, FL, Florahome, FL, Floral City,FL, Florence, FL, Florence Villa, FL, Floresta, FL, Floresta Estates, FL, Floridana Beach, FL, Florida City, FL, Florida Hills, FL, Florida Ridge, FL, Floritan, FL, Foley, FL, Footman, FL, Fordville, FL, Forest City, FL, Forest Grove, FL, Forest Hills, FL, Forest Island Park, FL, Fort Basinger, FL, Fort Centre, FL, Fort Denaud, FL, Fort De Soto, FL, Fort Drum, FL, Fort Gates, FL, Fort Green, FL, Fort Green Springs, FL, Fort Hamer, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Fort Lonesome, FL, Fort King Acres, FL, Fort Kissimmee, FL, Fort Mason, FL, Fort Matanzas, FL, Fort McCoy, FL, Fort Meade, FL, Fort Myers, FL, Fort Myers Beach, FL, Fort Myers Shores, FL, Fort Myers Villas, FL, Fort Ogden, FL, Fort Pierce,FL, Fort Union, FL, Fort White, FL, Fountain Heights, FL, Four Corners, FL, Four Points, FL, Fowlers Bluff, FL, Foxleigh, FL, Fox Town, FL, Francis, FL, Franklin Park, FL, Franklintown, FL, Franwood Pines, FL, Freemont, FL, Fremd Village, FL, Frontenac, FL, Frostproof, FL, Fruit Cove, FL, Fruitland, FL, Fruitland Park, FL, Fruitville, FL, Fuller Heights, FL, Fullers, FL, Fullerville, FL, Fussels Corner, FL, Gabriella, FL, Gainesville, FL, Galloway, FL, Gandy, FL, Garden Grove, FL, Garden Isles, FL, Gardner, FL, Gasparilla, FL, Gateway, FL, Geigers Landing, FL, Geneva, FL, Genoa, FL, Georgetown, FL, Georgiana, FL, Gibson, FL, Gibsonia, FL, Gibsonton, FL, Gifford, FL, Gilchrist, FL, Gillette, FL, Glencoe, FL, Glen Ridge, FL, Glen Saint Mary, FL, Glenwood, FL, Glidden Park, FL, Golden Gate, FL, Golden Isles, FL, Golden Lakes, FL, Goldenrod, FL, Golf, FL, Golf Estates, FL, Golfview, FL, Gomez, FL, Goodland, FL, Goodno, FL, Gopher Ridge, FL, Gordonville, FL, Gotha, FL, Grady, FL, Graham, FL, Grahamsville, FL, Grandin, FL, Grand Island, FL, Grandview, FL, Grant, FL, Grant-Valkaria, FL, Greenacres City, FL, Green Bay, FL, Greenbriar, FL, Green Cove Springs, FL, Greenfield, FL, Greensboro, FL, Greenville, FL, Gretna, FL, Griffin, FL, Griffins Corner, FL, Gross, FL, Grove City, FL, Groveland, FL, Grove Park, FL, Gulf Gate Estates, FL, Gulf Hammock, FL, Gulf Harbors, FL, Gulf Pine, FL, Gulfport, FL, Gulf Stream, FL, Gun Club Estates, FL, Hacienda Village, FL, Hague, FL, Haile, FL, Halifax Estates, FL, Haines City, FL, Hainesworth, FL, Half Moon, FL, Hallandale Beach, FL, Hall City, FL, Hamburg, FL, Hammond, FL, Hammondville, FL, Hampton, FL, Hampton Beach, FL, Hamton Springs, FL, Hamptons at Boca Raton, FL, Hanson, FL, Harbor Beach, FL, Harbor Bluffs, FL, Harbor East, FL, Harbor Oaks, FL, Harbor Palms, FL, Harbor Shores, FL, Harbor View, FL, Harbor Village, FL, Harbour Heights, FL, Hardaway, FL, Hardeetown, FL, Hardin Heights, FL, Harker, FL, Harbinwood Estates, FL, Harlem, FL, Harlem Heights, FL, Harmony, FL, Harrisburg, FL, Hasan, FL, Hastings, FL, Hatchbend, FL, Havana, FL, Haverhill, FL, Hawthorne, FL, Heathrow, FL, Hedges, FL, Heilbronn, FL, Helen, FL, Hell Gate, FL, Hen Scratch, FL, Hernando, FL, Hernando Beach, FL, Hero, FL, Hesperides, FL, Hibernia, FL, Hicoria, FL, Hidden River, FL, High Springs,FL, Highland, FL, Highland Beach, FL, Highland City, FL, Highland Lakes, FL, Highland Park, FL, Highland Park Estates, FL, High Point, FL, High Ridge Estates, FL, Hilden, FL, Hildreth, FL, Hillcrest Heights, FL, Hillcoat, FL, Hilliard, FL, Hilliards, FL, Hilliardville, FL, Hill n Dale, FL, Hilolo, FL, Hines, FL, Hinson, FL, Hillsboro Beach, FL, Hillsboro Pines, FL, Hillsboro Ranches, FL, Hobe Sound, FL, Hodgson, FL, Hog Valley, FL, Holden Heights, FL, Holder, FL, Holiday, FL, Holiday Hills, FL, Holiday Manor, FL, Holland, FL, Hollingsworth Bluff, FL, Hollister, FL, Holly Hill, FL, Holly Point, FL, Hollywood, FL, Hollywood Beach, FL, Gardens, FL, Hollywood Ridge Farms, FL, Holmes Beach, FL, Holopaw, FL, Homeland, FL, Homestead Ridge, FL, Homosassa, FL, Homosassa Springs, FL, Honore, FL, Hookers Point, FL, Hopewell, FL, Horseshoe Beach, FL, Houston, FL, Howey Height, FL, Howey-In-The-Hills, FL, Hoyt, FL, Hucomer, FL, Hudson,FL, Hugh, FL, Hull, FL, Hunter, FL, Hunters Creek, FL, Huntington, FL, Hyde Park, FL, Hypoluxo, FL, Iamonia, FL, Iddo, FL, Ilexhurst, FL, Immokalee, FL, Imperial Point, FL, Indialantic, FL, Indian Harbour Beach, FL, Indian Lake Estates, FL, Indian Mound Village, FL, Indianola, FL, Indian River City, FL, Indian River Estates, FL, Indian River Shores, FL, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, Indian Shores, FL, Indiantown, FL, Indrio, FL, Ingle, FL, Inglis, FL, Innisbrook, FL, Intercession City, FL,Interlachen, FL, Inverness, FL, Inwood, FL, Iona, FL, Irvine, FL, Island Grove, FL, Isleboro, FL, Isles of Capri, FL, Istachatta, FL, Istokpoga, FL, Italia, FL, Ivan, FL, Inwood, FL, Jackson Bluff, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Beach, FL, Jan Phyl Village, FL, Jamestown, FL, Jamieson, FL, Jasmine Estates, 0FL, Jasper, FL, Jay Jay,FL, Jena, FL, Jenada Isles, FL, Jennings, FL, Jensen Beach, FL, Jerome, FL, Jessamine, FL, Jessie Willies, FL, Jonesville, FL, Johnson, FL, Johnsons Corner, FL, Johnstown, FL, Jonesboro, FL, Jones Corner, FL, Jones Landing, FL, Joshua, FL, June Park, FL, Juniper, FL, Juno Beach, FL, Juno Ridge, FL, Jupiter, FL, Jupiter Inlet Beach Colony, FL, Jupiter Island, FL, Kalamazoo, FL, Kanapaha, FL,FL, Kathleen, FL, Keaton Beach, FL, Keela, FL, Keene, FL, Keentown, FL, Kenansville, FL, Kendall Green, FL, Kendrick, FL, Kennedy Still, FL, Kenneth City, FL, Kenny, FL, Kensington Park, FL, Kent, FL, Keri, FL, Kerr City, FL, Keuka, FL, Keystone, FL, Keystone Heights, FL, Killarney, FL, Kincaid Hills, FL, Kings Ferry, FL, Kings Point, FL, Kingsford, FL, Kingsland, FL, Kingsley, FL, Kingsley Beach, FL, Kingsley Village, FL, Kinsey, FL, Kirkwood, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Korona, FL, Kossuthville, FL, Kuhlman, FL, LaBelle, FL, LaBuena, FL, Lacoochee, FL, Lacota, FL, La Crosse, FL, Lady Lake, FL, Lafayette, FL, La Grange, FL, Lake Alfred, FL, Lake Ashby Shores, FL, Lake Belvedere Estates, FL, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Lake Butler, Fl, Lake Butter, FL, Lake Cain Hills, FL, Lake Charm, FL, Lake City, FL, Lake Clarke Shores, FL, Lake Como, FL, Lake Forest, FL, Lake Garfield, FL, Lake Geneva, FL, Lake Hamilton, FL, Lake Harbor, FL, Lake Hart, FL, Lake Helen, FL, Lake Jackson, FL, Lake Jem, FL, Lake Jovtia, FL, Lake Kathryn, FL, Lake Kathryn Heights, FL, Lakeland, FL, Lakeland Highlands, FL, Lake Lindsey, FL, Lake Mack Park, FL, Lake Magdalene, FL, Lake Marian Highlands, FL, Lake Mary, FL, Lake Monroe, FL, Lakemont, FL, Lake of the Hills, FL, Lake Panasoffkee,FL, Lake Park, FL, Lake Pasadena Heights, FL, Lake Placid, FL, Lakeport, FL, Lake Rogers Isle, FL, Lake Sarasota, FL, Lake Shipp Heights, FL, Lakeside, FL, Lakeside Green, FL, Lake Suzy, FL, Lakeview, FL, Lake View Park, FL, Lake Wales, FL, Lake Weir, FL, Lakewood Park, FL, Lakewood Ranch, FL, Lake Worth, FL, Lancaster, FL, Land O Lakes, FL, Landrum, Lands End Ranch, Lansing, Lantana, Lamont, Largo, FL, Lauderdale Lakes, FL, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, Lauderhill, FL, Laurel, FL, Laurel Grove, FL, Lawhons Mill, FL, Lawtey, FL, Lazy Lake, FL, Lebanon Station, FL, Lecanto, FL, Lee, FL, Lee Cypress, FL, Leesburg, FL, Lehigh Acres, FL, Leisureville, Leland, Lely, Lely Resort, Lemon Bluff, Lemon Grove, Leno, Lessie, Lido Key, Lighthouse Point, Lily, Limestone, Limestone Creek, Lincoln Estates, Lincoln Park, Linden, Lisbon, Little Harbor on the Hillsboro, Little Lake City, Littman, Live Oak, Live Oak Island, Lloyd, Lochloosa, Loch Lommond, Lochmoor Waterway Estates, Lock Arbor, Lockhart, Lois, Lokosee, Longbeach, Longboat Key, FL, Long Branch, Longdale, Long Hammock, Longwood, FL, Lorida, Lorraine, Los Trancos Woods, Lottieville, Lotus, Loughman, Louise, Lovett, Lowell, Loxahatchee, Groves, Loyce, Lucerne Park, Lulu, Lumberton, Lundy, Luraville, Lutterloh, Lutz, FL, Lynchburg, Lynne, FL, Mabel, Macclenny, FL, Madeira Beach, FL, Madison, Magnolia Springs, Maitland, FL Malabar, Manalapan, Manasota, Manasota Beach, Manasota Key, Manatee, Manatee Road, Mango, Mangonia Park, Manhattan, Manning, Manns Spur, Mannville, Marco Island, FL, Marcy, Margate, Margate Estates, Marineland, Marion, Marion Oaks, FL, Marland, Masaryktown, FL, Mascotte, FL, Mason, Matlacha, Matlacha Isles, Matlacha Shores, Martel, Martin, Matoaka, Mattox, Maxcy Quarters, Mayo, Mayo Junction, Maysland, Maytown, McAlpin, McGregor, McIntosh, McMeekin, McPherson, Meadowbrook Terrace, Meadow Woods, FL, Medart, Medulla, Melbourne, FL, Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Village, Meldrim Park, Melrose, Melrose Park, Memphis, Memphis Heights, Mercer, Merediths, Meridian, Merritt Island, FL, Miami, Miami Gardens, Micanpoy, Micanopy Junction, Micco, FL, Miccosukee, Middleburg, FL, Middle River, Middle River Manor, Middle River Vista, Mid Florida Lakes, Midway, Mikesville, Mildred, Miles City, Military Park, Miller, Millwood, Mims, Minneola, FL, Mintons Corner, Miramar, FL, Mission Bay, Mission City, Mitchell Beach, Moffitt, Mohawk, Molasses Junction, Monet, Monkey Box, Monroes Corner, Montaque, Montbrook, Monticello, Montclair, Montivlla, Monteoch, Montverde, FL, Montverde Junction, Moore Haven, FL, Moreland Park, Morgantown, Morningside Park, Morriston, FL, Morse Shores, Mosquito Grove, Moss Bluff, Moss Town, Mott, Moultrie, Moultie Junction, Mount Carrie, Mount Dora, FL, Mountain Lake Station, Mount Grove, Mount Homer, Mount Olive, Mount Pleasant, Mount Plymouth, FL, Mount Royal, Muce, Mulberry, FL, Mullet Lake Park, Murdock, Myakka City, FL, Myakka Head, Myrtis, Myrtle Island, Nalcrest, Naples, FL, Naples Manor, Naples Park, Narcoossee, Nash, Nashua, Nassau Villiage, National Gardens, Navair, Neals, Neheb, Neilhurst, Neilson, Neoga, Neptune Beach, FL, Nevins, Newberry, FL, Newburn, Newco, New Eden, Newnans Lake Homesites, New Point Comfort, Newport, New Port Richey, FL, New River, New Smyrna Beach, FL, New Upsala, Nichols, Ninemile Bend, Nobleton, FL, Nocatee, FL, Nokomis, FL, Nokomis Beach, Norfleet, North Andrews Gardens, North Bal Harbor, North Beach, North Brooksville, Northdale, FL, North DeLand North Fort Myers, North Lauderdale, North Meadowbrook Terrace, North Naples, North Palm Beach, North Pompano Beach, North Port, North Redington Beach, North River Shores, North Sarasota, Northwood, Norwalk, Nurmi Isles, Nutall Rise, Oak, Oak Grove, Oak Knoll Estates, Oak Park, Oak Point, Oak Ridge, Oak Terrace, Oakland, Oakland Park, O’Brien, Ocala, Ocala Ridge, Ocean Breeze Park, Ocean Ridge, Ocean Vue, Ochlockonee, Ochopee, Ocklawaha, Ocoee, Octahatchee, Odessa, Okahumpka, Okeechobee, Okeelanta, Old Fernandina, Old Grove, Old Marco Junction, Old Myakka, Oldsmar, Old Town, Olga, Olustee, Ona, Oneco, O’Neil, Orange Bend, Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom Hills, Orange Blossom Hills South, Orange City, Orange City Hills, Orangedale, Orange Grove Villas, Orange Height, Orange Home, Orange Lake, Orange Mills, Orange Mountain, Orange Park, Orange Springs, Orangetree, Orchid, Orienta Gardens, Orlando, Orlovisa, Ormond Beach, Ormond By the Sea, Orsino, Ortona, Osceola, Oslo, Osowaw Junction, Osprey, Osteen, Otter Creek, Oviedo, Oxford, Ozello, Ozona, Padgett Island, Padlock, Page Park, Pahokee, Painters Hill, Paisley, Palatka, Palm Aire, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Farms, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Lakes, Palm Beach Shores, Palm Bay, Palm City, Palm Coast, Palmdale Palm Harbor, Palma Sola Park, Palma Sola, Palmetto, Palmo, Palmona Park, Palm River, Palm River-Clair Mel, Palm River Estates, Palm Shadows, Palm Shores, Palm Springs, Palm Valley, FL. Palm Valley Landing, Palm View, Panacea, Panacea Park, Panacoochee Retreats, Paola, Parmalee, Paradise, Paradise Heights, Paradise Palms, Paradise Park, Paradise Point, Parker Island, Park Haven, Parkland, Parrish, Pasadena Shores, Pasco, Pass Station, Patersonville, Peace River Shores, Peach Orchard, Pebbledale, Pecan, Peck, Pedro, Pelican Bay, Pelican Lake, Pembroke, Pembroke Park, Pembroke Peniel, Pennichaw, Penny Farms, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Phifer, Picolata, Piedmont, Pierce, Pierson, Pine, Pine Bluff, Pine Castle, Pinecraft, Pinecrest, Pineda, Pine Dale, Pine Grove, Pine Hill Estates, Pine Hills, Pine Island, Pine Island Center, Pine Island Ridge, Pine Lakes, Pineland, Pine Level, Pine Manor, Pinellas Park, Pineola, Pine Mount, Pine Ridge, Pinesville, Pine Top, Pinetta, Piney Point, Pinland, Pirate Harbor, Pittman, Pittsburg, Placida, Placid Lakes, Plains, Plantation, Plantation Gardens, Plantation Island, Plantation Isles, Plantation Park, Plant City, FL, Platt, Playland 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Mike’s has moved, installed, repair, setup re-cushion, or recover almost every type and size of Billiard table known to man, from AMF, Beach, Brunswick, C.L. Bailey, Beringer, Classic, Connelly, Diamond, Dynamo, Fischer, Imperial, Legacy, Leisure Bay, Olhausen, Proline, Thomas Aaron, United and Valley Billiard Tables. So Give Mike’s a call when your pool table needs to be setup, recover, moved, cushion replaced or a just little restoration work.

Pool Table Service Information

Billiard Equipment and Accessories Information

Mike's Amusement and Vending Information

If you live in following Counties, please give Mike’s a call on the phone numbers listed below:

01. Alachua County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

02. Baker County call – 800-887-2630.

03. Bradford County call – 800-887-2630.

04. Brevard County call - 800-887-2630.

05. Broward County call – 800-887-2630.

06. Charlotte County call - 941-747-6927.

07. Citrus County call - 352-241-8772.

08. Clay County call – 800-887-2630.

09. Collier County call – 239-542-8772.

10. Columbia County call – 800-887-2630.

11. Dade County call – 800-887-2630.

12. De Soto County call - 863-413-1862.

13. Dixie County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

14. Duval County call – 800-887-2630.

15. Flagler County call – 800-887-2630.

16. Gadsden County call – 800-887-2630.

17. Gilchrist County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

18. Glades County call - 863-413-1862.

19. Hamilton County call – 800-887-2630.

20. Hardee County call - 863-413-1862.

21. Hendry County call - 863-413-1862.

22. Hernando County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

23. Highlands County call - 863-413-1862.

24. Hillsborough County call - 813-254-8795 or 813-684-7665.

25. Indian River County call – 800-887-2630.

26. Jefferson County call – 800-887-2630.

27. Lafayette County call – 800-887-2630.

28. Lake County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

29. Lee County call – 239-542-8772.

30. Leon County call – 800-887-2630.

31. Levy County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

32. Madison County call – 800-887-2630.

33. Manatee County call - 941-747-6927.

34. Marion County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

35. Martin County call – 800-887-2630.

36. Monroe County call – 239-542-8772.

37. Nassau County call – 800-887-2630.

38. Okeechobee County call – 863-413-1862.

39. Orange County call - 407-203-2177 or - 800-887-2630.

40. Osceola County call - 407-203-2177 or - 800-887-2630.

41. Palm Beach County call – 800-887-2630.

42. Pasco County call - 727-848-9038.

43. Pinellas County call - 727-522-8731, 727-522-8772 or 727-443-7665.

44. Polk County call - 863-413-1862.

45. Putnam County call – 800-887-2630.

46. St. Johns County call – 800-887-2630.

47. St. Lucie County call – 800-887-2630.

48. Sarasota County call - 941-747-6927.

49. Seminole County call - 407-203-2177 or - 800-887-2630.

50. Sumter County call - 352-241-8772 or 800-887-2630.

51. Suwannee County call – 800-887-2630.

52. Taylor County call – 800-887-2630.

53. Union County call – 800-887-2630.

54. Volusia County call - 800-887-2630.

55. Wakulla County call – 800-887-2630.

56. If your home or business is located in any other County in Florida call 1-800-887-2630.

57. If you are moving out of the State of Florida here is a list of a few Pool Table Companies that Mike's Billiard Supplies Recommends to service your pool table in the United States

Pool Table Service Information

Billiard Equipment and Accessories Information

Mike's Amusement and Vending Information

Mike's Billiard Supplies and Crating Service is full service Billiard Supply Company including pool table moving, recover, cushion replacement, restoration, and Repairs that was established in 1994 and listed in the Verizon Yellow Pages under Billiard. We also do cue repairs, to full setup, installation and breakdowns for flooring. If you are moving out of the State of Florida and the movers will not move your pool table we provide crating and shipping of pool tables and accessories anywhere in the World.

GMC 2004 Tow vehicle and a 14' cargo trailer setup specially to transport pool tables and billiard tables safely in the 55 Counties in Florida that Mike's Billiard supplies and Crating provides service to.

General service truck used for recover, cushion replacement and delivery of pool and billiard accessories

This 2006 Chev van is one of 5 service vehicles that is specially used to service pool table and billiard tables all over the 55 Counties in Florida that Mike's Billiard supplies and Crating provides recover, re-rubber and crating service to

Mike's Pool Table Service Area:

The Bossman of Mike's Billiard Supplies

Mike's Billiard Supplies has been doing installation, re-felting and moving pool tables in the State of Florida for more than 15 years. To check prices on our services just click the links on the below. Then just email us for our professional service.

Mike's Pool Table Installation, Refelting and Cushion Replacement Pricing: It is best to have a professional do the installation of your pool table. Let us do the work; we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the job without damage to the pool table, house or people. If you have recently moved to a new home, your pool table was most likely disassembled and crated. We will re-assemble the pool table, re-level and recover if needed.

After years of playing on a pool table the cloth may need replacement. In some cases the pool table owner just wants a change in the color of cloth. It just takes picking the color of the new cloth, we will come to your home remove the rails and apply the new cloth.

After several years you may notice the pool table cushions are not as responsive or have irregular response. This means its time to replace the pool table cushions. The pool table cushions are usually glued onto the rail assembly. Therefore we will remove the cloth and cushion from the rails, glue new cushions on and recover with new cloth. This is usually the time to replace the cloth on the table because the new cloth on the cushions will not match the older cloth on the bed of the table. For most customers when the cushions are replaced the table gets an recovered with new cloth, cushions, re-level and anything else needed to restore your table to its original glory.

Mike's Pool Table Breakdown and Crating Service Pricing: If you are moving out of the State of Florida we will disassemble your pool table for you and crate your slates for a safe move.

Mike's Pool Table Moving and Refelting Pricing: There are many reasons for moving a pool table. You may be moving to a new home in the area. You may have purchased a used pool table and need it moved from the previous owners home to yours. You may be installing new carpeting and want the pool table moved to a different room.

Cloth Color Chart:

Pool Table Room Chart:

Purchasing a Used Pool Table? Check here 1st for what to look for:

Mike's Used Pool Tables for Sale:

Mike's Pool Table Removal Service: Do you have that old pool table you cannot sell and just want it remove from you home?

04 April 2010

One of the Last American Made Pool Table Companies Pool Tables Manufactured right here in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Pool Tables at a great price

Simonis Cloth Chart Simonis Billiard Cloth Color Chart

Championship Cloth Color Charts, Titan and Tour Edition

Engraving of of your name in the pool stick shaft and butt Cutting Edge Laser Products. Do you need to have your name engrave on your Cue? These are the folks that can get it done for you.

Mitchell Custom Pool Tables, American Made, Clearwater, Florida, without Chinese Parts!

Primo Craft Home Furnishing! Bar's and Pool Tables

McDermott Pool Cues American MadeMcDermott Cues Made in America.

General Billiard Supplies and Dart SuppliesGeneral Billiard Supplies, Dart Supplies and Poker Supplies

Pool Table Lights, Cues, Pub Tables, General Billiard Supplies Pool Table Lights, Cues, Pub Tables, General Billiard Supplies

 This is a picture of the USS Green Bay LPD 20. USS Saint Petersburg Project objective is to request the Secretary of Navy to name a new "Ship of the Line" the USS Saint Petersburg LPD 26. So fill out the form and become a member of the project, theres no cost, just a moment of your time.

The Sea Shepherds have been at war with the Japanese Whaling Fleet sense 1981.

Pool Table Service Information

Billiard Equipment and Accessories Information

Mike's Amusement and Vending Information

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Mike's Billiard Supplies and Crating Service - Home Office

3375 - 34th Street North Suite 103
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
1-727-521-9402 Fax

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 You need an answer that is pool and billiard related Just ask for Mike. Mike has played in 25 National Championships and has been a Senior National Referee for 11 years.

Just ask for Mike.

A number of the Men including Mike, that works for Mikes Billiard Supplies are Combat Veterans, Mike believes in hiring the Veteran first before anyone else.

VFW National Site

VET Discount "VET's"

 If you would like to know about what is going on with the Military, check this out.

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