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“United States Poolplayers Association”

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Congradulation to Bobby Long & Tracy Bellamy in Winning the Open Scotch Doubles National Championship in Biloxi, Mississippi

1. First Sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America 1995

2. First Sanctioned by the National Pool Alliance in 1997

3. First Sanctioned by the Ladies Billiard Association of Florida, Inc. 1998

4. First Sanctioned by the North American Pool Players Association in 1998

5. First Sanctioned by The Sunshine State BCA Pocket Billiards Assoc. in 1998

6. First Sanctioned by The Gentleman Jack’s Southwest 8 Ball League in 1999

7. First Sanctioned by the Valley National 8-Ball League Association in 2000

The USPA is Oldest BCA Sanctioned League

In the State of Florida

9 Years Running 1995 - 2003

"The USPA is Looking for League Directors"


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North American Poolplayers Electronic Information Service

"Inform My Pool Playing Friends"

2005 Florida State Pocket Billiards Association 8 & 9-Ball Championships

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United States Poolplayers Association

2850 47th Avenue North

St. Petersburg, Florida 33714-3130


1-800-962-2904 Fax

August 26, 2004

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