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A few thing to look for before purchasing a used pool table

This page is intended to provide you with the basic information of what to be aware of before purchasing a used or pre-owned pool table.

Slate comes in thickness ˝ to 1-inch. Is the slate backed or not: Look under the table and check for cracks and then run your hand across the top, this may reveal cracks. Remember in a 3 piece slated table that a straight-line side to side is where two slates meet. If slate is faulty this could add $250.00 to $1000.00 to the cost.

If cloth is stained, ripped, three years or older or maybe the color is not desirable. This could add $ 250.00 plus to the cost of the table, depending on the size of the table.

Cushion life? Is the rubber hard and has no bounce or is loose and sagging: To check the rail rubber, firmly push the ball across the table and it should rebound off the rails four times. If this test fails it could add $210.00 to the expense, plus the cost of the re-felting the table.

Does the table come with accessories? "Bridge, Balls, Brushes, Cover, Racks and Cue Sticks", if not, the accessory playing kits range from $100.00 to $400.00.

If the Pockets are leather they could be dry and brittle, scuffed up or torn. Plastic pockets could also be brittle or torn. The cost for a set of six pool table pockets could range from $65.00 to $650.00.

Make sure that you check for a bolt locking system that holds the rails in place. Do Not buy a table that uses wood screws to hold the rails on.

Remember you live in Florida and lot's of pool tables have termites, so look for the tell tale dropping that termites leave.

Finally!! Do not pay for a table until your professional installer is present to evaluate the pool table and then and only then pay for the table with a check… DO NOT PAY WITH CASH…

Special Note:
If you decide to purchasing a pool table from a private owner, have a professional installer, move and install the pool table.

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