USS Saint Petersburg LPD 26 Project

USS Saint Petersburg Project objective is to request the Secretary of Navy to name a new "Ship of the Line" the USS Saint Petersburg LPD 26. We the citizens of the Great State of Florida are making this requesting to the United States Navy to name a "Ship of the Line" after the City of Saint Petersburg, Florida since no ship in American Naval History has ever been honored with the name, Saint Petersburg. If you think Saint Petersburg is a great town and should be honor by the Navy then get on board and fill out the form below. Every filled out form counts.

Please fill out the your Request to the Secretary of Navy below!

 This is a picture of the USS Green Bay LPD 20.

The above Ship is the USS Green Bay LPD - 20

01. What is Your Name? First and Last
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05. Have you ever been a member of the Armed Forces of the United States?
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06. I am requesting the United States Navy to name a New LPD, a Ship of the Line The USS Saint Petersburg LPD 26?
07. Your Request form Date.
08. We are looking for 1 million request forms to be sent to the Secretary of the Navy, so tell your friends how to find this request form please.
09. Your Request for will be forward to the Secretary of the Navy as soon as our goal is met.

If you have any questions about the USS Saint Petersbug Project give Mike Sprinkle a call with one of the numbers listed below.

Mike's Billiard Supplies
3375 34th Street North Suite 103
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713
1-727-521-9402 Fax

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